Technical Service

Technical Service

The tech team at Don-Nan exists to serve two vital purposes; to be a catalyst for improving organization operations, and also to solve client issues by delivering fit-for-purpose solutions. The tech team is a multidimensional combination of people with experience in production engineering  and operations, drilling, product engineering, pump shop operations, management, and sales.

We work collaboratively with operators and industry partners to solve rod lift problems through 1-on-1 meetings, small group discussions, failure meetings, and pump schools. We do this all at zero cost to the customer, because we believe it is the best approach to provide continuous value.

For general inquiries to the tech team or to schedule a pump school, please use the form below. For help with designing a sucker rod string, please submit the form located  here.

Pump School

Are you a Production Engineer, Field Foreman, Artificial Lift Specialist, or other industry professional that would like to become more familiar with sucker rod pumps?

Our classes are for every level, no matter if you are new to the subject or would like a refresher. We custom tailor classes to the audience, from the basics of how a pump works all the way up to engineering considerations for maximum rod lift system efficiency. 

Don-Nan has developed the optimal training environment at our headquarters in Midland, Texas. However, we are
flexible to the needs of operators and can typically provide adequate training by traveling to corporate and field offices when needed.

Contact us today to schedule your pump school!

Tech Team

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