Pump Trak

Pump Trak is a web-based service tracking system and comprehensive data repository that enables better and faster decision making for selecting the optimal equipment based on past and present issues faced in each well.

Pump Trak is integrated into the build and repair procedures in place at every Don-Nan service facility.

Comprehensive Service Records

View detailed historical records of pump service including:
  • Installation and pull date
  • Reason for pull
  • Pump geometry
  • Pump component materials
  • Pump component failure
  • Service date
  • Foreign material logging
  • Service type
  • Pre- and post-service descriptions
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Cost information
  • Service Technician ID

Data Export

In addition to maintaining service records, Pump Trak also enables an operator to export reports to Excel®, view component analysis, review supply and tubing anchor tickets, and view and download diagnostic service reports.
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