Gas Lift

Gas Lift
Camco gas lift systems are some of the industry's most widely recognized, time-tested products and include injection-pressure-operated and production-pressure-operated models. All valves are manufactured to strict industry standards and have a variety of port sizes, offering a range of selected gas injection volumes and flow rates.

The Camco series of conventional tubing-retrievable gas lift valves uses reverse-flow check valves to prevent reverse-flow and the commingling of production fluids in gas lift installations.

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Don-Nan Gas Lift Mandrels

Conventional Gas Lift Mandrels

Conventional gas lift mandrels are installed as part of the tubing string and have an exterior ported lug that will accept either a 1 in [25.4 mm] or 1-1/2 in [38.1 mm] OD conventional subsurface control device and a reverse-flow check valve.

These mandrels are internally drifted to standard drift specifications and hydro-statically tested to 6,000 psi [41,370 kPa].

Conventional mandrels are designed for single-string installations and are normally used in injection-pressure-operated tubing flow applications.

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Don-Nan Conventional Injection-Pressure-Operated Valves

Conventional Injection-Pressure-Operated Valves

The Camco conventional injection-pressure-operated gas lift valves are normally used for injection-pressure-operated gas lift production with continuous or intermittent tubing flow. A nitrogen-charged, multi-ply Monel® bellows provides the force necessary to maintain these valves in a normally closed position.

The J-40 and J-20 valves operate with either production or injection pressure. When used with the appropriate conventional mandrel and reverse-flow check valve, the J-40 and J-20 series valves can be used for either tubing or annular flow.

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Don-Nan Conventional Reverse-Flow Check Valves

Conventional Reverse-Flow Check Valves

Conventional reverse-flow check valves are velocity check valves used with conventional Camco gas lift valves that do not have integral reverse-flow check valves. These check valves protect the casing from back flow through valves that are below the working valve and allow the application of pressure to the tubing for circulation or acidizing. Reverse-flow check valves also prevent the commingling of production fluids in dual gas lift installations.

This line of valves includes the 1 in [25.4-mm] OD B-1 valves and the 1-1/2 in [38.1-mm] OD J-20 valves. These valves each have an elastomeric soft seat and a stainless steel hard seat. The initial seal is between the stainless steel check dart and the soft seat. These check valves can withstand 10,000-psi [68,950-kPa] differential pressure and can be converted from velocity check valves to positive check valves by adding a spring.

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